​         Pricing / Cost

Association Dues  

(monthly)               $15

$75   > Bronze               > Tuesday                                   (  4 per mo  )

B) $125 > Silver                   > Tuesday & Thursday             (  8 per mo  )

C) $175 > Gold                   > Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday  ( 12 per mo )

D) $5   > Drop In Special  > per class (association dues are $45 monthly )

GMS Special >  All packages along with a weekly 1/2 hour

private lesson w/Grand Master Schu.  See GMS for details.


​​Private Lessons
$40   >  20 minutes

$65    > 30 minutes
$105​  > 60 minutes

Testo Testo

dojo closed 4/23/19 

Dojo #100 Class Schedule, News & Closures

Dojo #119 - Ridgecrest CA

Disciple Black Belt Martinez

Monday ​​


Beginners       5:30pm > 6:00pm
Intermediate  6:10pm > 6:50pm

Women           7:00pm > 7:30pm


Open Floor    4:30pm > 5:30pm



Beginners      5:30pm > 6:00pm

Intermediate 6:10pm > 6:50pm

Women          7:00pm > 7:30pm


Open Floor     4:30pm > 5:30pm

Non - Flex Fridays  (all students)

Private lessons, by appointment    

Dojo​ Schedules

Dojo #121  - Santee Ca

Mr Arbuckle


open class           9:00am >> 10:00am



Those not appearing in this list are no longer in good standing as a result of Conduct Unbecoming of a Black Belt.

dojo closed    4/22/19 

True champions are listed below. 

Each of these fine warriors has belted in the Schu-Fu Martial Arts System.  

They wear their belts with honor, respect and dignity.

Dojo #100  - Santee Ca

Grand Master Schu


beginners           7:00pm >> 8:00pm

advanced            8:00pm >>9:00pm


open class          7:00pm >> 8:30pm

2019 Holiday  Closures

May 27 Memorial Day

July 4  Independence Day

Sept 2 Labor Day

Nov 28 Thanksgiving

Dec 24 Christmas Eve

​Dec 25 Christmas Day

Dec 31 New Years Eve

Additional #119 closures

March 29

Workshops - Dojo #119

April 5 @6pm

        Web / Internet Services

SCHU-FU e-mail address

e-mail forward$12
e-mail address/box$18
Profile Page$25
Profile Page w/ Unlimited e-mail




Our Schu-Fucam offers flexible schedules and operates by appointment out of the Pacific Time Zone.

These martial arts sessions are strictly for members who were previously students of
Schu-Fu and wish to continue their endeavors in the art.

We provide expert private instruction on your time, in the comfort of your home – or anywhere you can have a webcam device!  We’re confident we can fit into your busy lifestyle to help you achieve your goals, even if you travel or relocate often.

For inquiries into the Schu-Fucam Program, contact us today!

" Schu-Fucam@schu-fu.com

Schu-Fu Belting Numbers

Rules & Regulations


$15 per month for all students.



Association dues and tuition are due on or before the 15th of each month.

A $45 late fee will be charged if payment has not been received or post marked by close  of business on the 15th day of the month.   (if any problems or questions arise, please contact Dojo #100 at (619 857 7248)

Association dues ($15) are due each and every month. Tuition can be waived (leave of absence so to speak) but Association dues need be paid each month.  A $105 dollar reactivation fee will be charged when association dues become delinquent. 

Bounced check fee $65.


No refunds on payments (  Schu-fu International Martial Arts Association dues & tuition to your dojo) made on the "yearly commitment ". 


Association dues for all students from all dojos are to be mailed to Schu-Fu #100. Instructors will not accept association dues.  Students will pay the Association directly by  choosing one of the listed payment options.

No refunds on pre association dues/tuition payments made.  


Fees will be paid to the respective instructor.

Private lessons are to be paid for at the time or before each lesson.  To be eligible for a refund on a private lesson, cancelations must be done at least 24 hours prior to the appointed date/time.  

Dojo #100 members will, as always, include their tuition in with payment of association dues as per their monthly bill.

Students must notify Grand Master Schu and their respective instructor if applicable  if they plan to terminate association membership. 

Monthly billing will be stopped  immediately. Membership may be re-activated at any time by filling out a new application and paying  back dues.   ​



Students who are delinquent in association dues will not be allowed to train on any dojo  floor. Instructors will be notified when their students are delinquent, and again when they are  current.  Students suffering a financial hardship of some type may make alternate  arrangements regarding tuition.  This must be discussed with and approved by the  respective instructor.

Grand Master Schu, or dojo head instructor will assess and determine an appropriate test date for each individual. 


Test fees are $55 per level.

Test fees must be paid one week prior to test. An additional charge of $45 will be charged to students paying after the one week period.  A student cannot test until the fee has been paid.


pee wee"s                3 to 5 years old

kids                            6 through 12 years old

seniors                      40 and beyond

adult                          17 to 40 years of age

( a person over 40 years old may request entering the standard system)


1.    CASH, CHECK OR MONEY ORDER Made payable to "Schu-Fu"

2.    PAY PAL (internet) Schu-Fu members may pay association dues & dojo tuition on line via Paypal.  


$10 Drop in fee will be charged to all NON-tution paying students when attending classes at HQ.  $5 to the dojo, $5 to the instructor (if more than one class is being attended, the first class gets the $ (the instructor that opened).  

No drop-in fee for those testing.


Be on time for class.

Bow on and off of the training floor.

All instructors are referred to as Mr. or Ms. Notebooks are required.

Profane or vulgar language is prohibited. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Uniform - - Black Gi with appropriate belt.    (summer wear - gi bottoms w/Schu-Fu shirt) Summer uniform dates:    April 1st - November 1st

Protective cup must be worn at all times. Punches / kicks / shin guards and mouthpiece are required for sparring. Training shoes by authorization only. 

No street shoes allowed on floor.


A towel is mandatory.

Uniform is to be kept clean.

Jewelry is to be removed prior to training.

Toe & fingernails must be groomed.

Long hair must be pulled back.

Breath & body odor must be controlled.

100-001-104    doug gouger
carlos don
100-003            tony pisani
100-004            mark gomez
100-005            michelle don
100-006            steve don
100-007            scott blainey
100-008             tom bolger
100-009             kim smith
100-010             jason clausser
100-011             robert davis

100-012-106    severin foreman
100-013            mike welch
100-014            lora lisa wee
100-015            steve pastori
100-016-119    fawn martinez - DBB
100-017            steve smith
100-018            stephen olson
100-019            mathew leach
100-020            joseph pollard
100-021           debbie weaver
100-022           alex leach

100-023-102   ron nichols
100-024           michael ernst
100-025           kristi wyatt
100-026           lindsay kroener
100-027           keenan mccarthy
100-028           mitchell kroener
100-029           paul hudson
100-030           thomas harvick

100-031-105   noah salzman
100-032           jim kring
100-033          kevin galbraith
100-034          joe don
100-035          matt veiling
100-036          steve olson
100-037          jerrell snell
100-038          don heck
100-039          betty olson
100-040          john turltletaub
100-041          troy harrison
100-042          chris molovan
100-043          phil spracklen
100-044          don pelitier
100-045          kathie sequin
100-046          david cotton

100-047-103   antony novom
100-048           jose bonillia gonzalez
100-049           wendy lynn nigrelli
100-050           kristina deheck
100-051           jeff contois
100-052           michael bobick
100-053           andy scheopp
100-054-120   aaron bernard
100-055           natalie bernard
100-056           melisa neuwirth
100-057           ryan nicholson
100-058          holly alexander
100-059          julie williams
100-060          steven strauss
100-061         david selzer
100-062         travis steinberg
100-063         jody shanks
100-064         adriana secord
100-065          kevin scoggins
100-066         alan daly
100-068         issac lynde
100-069         joesph selzer
100-070         alan deleon
100-071         scott chantra
100-072         jd gigante
100-073         carrie smith
100-074         james howard
100-075         steve olkowski
100-076         angela beaty
100-077         carol foreman
100-078         bob feil
100-079         nicholas schobelock
100-080         sharaf sharaf
100-081         aaron deleon

100-082-108  janis owens
100-083         aimee marlow
100-084         mark novom
100-085         emily spracklen
100-086         paul kell
100-087         clinton foreman
100-088         victor gascon
100-089         lisa dingas
100-090         wesley kell
100-091         kathleen fawnthrop
100-092         lance blondel
100-093         kerrie berreth
100-094         eric reil
100-095         michelle reil
100-096         declan galvin

100-097-112  sam forest
100-098         laura richards
100-099         jim dever
100-100         eric johnston
100-101         spencer prescott
100-102         jim ryan
100-103         lynn ryan
100-104         rachel parsons

100-105-109  robert mcnultyuhner

100-108         ross stasik
100-109         sandra favero
100-110         tony bixby
100-111         brandon coats
100-112         Ryan Ibenez
100-113         Bev Berkowitz
100-114         Dick Deguzman
100-115         Tyler Stolnak
100-116         Tony Anderson
100-117         Frank Macumber
100-118         Christi Phillips
100-119         Scott Wood
100-120         Victor Woodland
100-121         Mark Washabaugh
100-122          Mike Simko
100-124-        Giuseppe Gutierrez
100-125         Katrina Schechter
100-126         Pam Wistrom
100-127         Steve Kaiser
100-128         Matt Skully
100-129         Tyler Basques
100-130         Emma Cornwell
100-131         Brent Berteaux

100-132-114  Jason Sims
100-133         Dan Boll
100-134         Matt Boll
100-135         Hannah Boll
100-136         Leila Boll
100-137         Eric Brittain
100-138         Dawson Dean
100-139         Adam Boll
100-140          Nicolas Richard
100-141         Joshua Burchard
100-142         Jered Burchard
100-143         Maxx Anderson
100-144         Frolian Pang-ng
100-145         Jeb Pang-ng
100-146         Holy Burchard
100-147         Sam Burchard
100-148         Amelia Hall

100-149-116  Robert Sivadon
100-150         Seth Novom
100-151         Rena Novom
100-152         William Schumacher
100-153         Emma Wright
100-154         Ashlyn Fredricson
100-`55         Cayden Fredrickson
100-156         Logan Elliot
100-157         Billy Hall
100-158         Jared Howard
100-159         Chris Werry
100-160         Vidya Dnamani
100-161         Jasmin Werry
100-162         Aliha Werry
100-163         Sam Werry
100-164         August Williams
100-165         JP Smith
100-166         John Smith
100-167         Sharon Smith
100-168         Sky Stewart
100-169         Angie Herrera
100-170         Sean Herrera Jr

100-171-117  Patrick Lemley
100-172         Theresa Schumacher
100-173         Frank Zamarron
100-174-121Colin Arbuckle
100-175         Luda Hoang
100-176         Jude Hoang
100-177         Tim Okeefe

100-178         Mindy Hoang

100-179 -122 Andre McFall

100-180        Sean Herrera

100- 181      Catherine Clark

100-182       Aaron Alkana

100-183       Jonah Alkana

100-184       Jennie Rante